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Statement from Applebee's President Mike Archer

Thanks for the chance to explain Applebee’s side of what happened last month at our franchisee’s restaurant in St. Louis.
First, let me assure you that our franchisees share Applebee’s respect and appreciation for the incredibly hard work our team members put in every day. It’s a hard job to ensure that our guests feel welcome and comfortable in our restaurants and have a great dining experience.
Like many of you, I was disappointed by the personal message left on a receipt for a team member. It was uncalled for and we don’t defend the guest’s behavior. However, our team members also know that every guest deserves to be treated with professionalism and care, both inside and out of the restaurant.
We understand that not everyone agrees with our franchisee’s decision, but please trust that it was made with the best interests of all of Applebee’s guests and team members in mind. Hopefully our future actions might one day redeem Applebee’s in your eyes.
Thank you.